Track & Renew

Build Loyalty in Your Customer Base

Mobilematics provides you the visibility and automated tools and processes you need to track technology purchases and increase loyalty and re-attach rates within your customer base.


We provide unparalleled visibility into deal information to help you increase the efficiency of your sales teams. Our zPlatform provides you data analytics on all product and service purchases, so you can better track your inventory and spot buying trends and patterns.

Renewal & Refresh Support

Our zPlatform tracks all your customer’s purchases, from hardware to subscriptions, highlighting when customers are coming up for renewal or products are being end of life’d (EOL’d) to support high re-attach rates. In addition, the portal can help you identify new potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities, as well as upgrade discounts from vendors that can improve your profitability.


Our reports give you valuable insights into your all your customers’ purchases to help you spot opportunities to accelerate sales development around key product lines and improve the coordination and efficiency of your procurement and support teams. Our monthly diversity spend reports also helps you customers see how they are tracking against their diversity spend goals.